"And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony...." - Revelation 12

My Testimony

My name is Kyle Del Vecchio and I'm a native of Tallahassee, FL. I was born in 1987, and married in May of 2012. My wife Elizabeth and I live in Tallahassee with our four-children Isaac, Noah, Joseph and Daniel. Lots of boys! We own a small retail business and fellowship at Lifepoint Church. May this testimony encourage 'you' the reader.

I grew up in Tallahassee and have lived here almost all of my life.  My struggles began as a young teenager (13) when I started drinking and using drugs. As a student-athlete, I worked hard to grow as a person and athlete. I was convinced that baseball was my ticket. This was the truth until a void in my heart began to overtake me. The common cliche' is true, "I started searching for love and purpose in all the wrong places". I stumbled through high school, but managed to perform well enough to earn a scholarship. A quick try at college sports and I was headed back home. I came home and turned into a couch potato. I made very little money and continued my drug and alcohol abuse. At this point, I decided to make some changes, and that's when I got another shot at playing college baseball. This time it was at a small NAIA school in Georgia. The changes didn't stick, I fell even deeper into darkness, and it ended with another failed attempt at college baseball and a trip back home. Elizabeth and I started living together and working to build a life. This is until it all came crashing down in November 2009.  I began to drink heavily and became addicted to cocaine. This led to a hard split between Elizabeth and myself. Shortly after I landed back at my parents place, and began attending rehab. I was admitted to the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) in February of 2010. It required supervision and check-ins Monday thru Thursday for 30 days. Not very long considering the other programs that exist, but this is where I ended up. Part of the program included a  family & friends time (hour or so) every Tuesday. The first night, my parents attended, and it was awkward..... for obvious reasons. My Dad came the second Tuesday night and had to leave early. I started to feel the bottom when no-one showed up for the third night, even after I had saved some chairs. I assumed everyone forgot and/or was busy with other things. I shrugged it off and hoped things would be different the following week. The final Tuesday was VERY different. It would be the last opportunity my friends and family would have to show their support. So, I set out some chairs and waited for someone to show up. Half way through the fourth night, I looked at the empty chairs and thought, "mom, dad, someone come sit with me". That is when I heard Him, Jesus Christ, say to me, "I am with you, and I love you". I did not hear Him say who He was, but I knew when I heard His voice. I started crying and sat up in my seat. Soon after I started attending church and made attempts at getting to know the LORD. The One who would be with me during my darkest hour. I started attending church, was baptized in water, and, was then filled with the Holy Spirit while helping a friend move into his new apartment. This is when the crazy-stuff began. I began to see God display His power and love in wonderful and miraculous ways. I hope this testimony encourages you to never lose hope for yourself and others. I was far-gone, and Jesus was able to reach me and bring me home. Just believe!